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Volunteering at Disaster Aid Canada

I am taking the Global Citizen Certificate at Stewart College. It is such a nice class. We can do a lot of volunteer work and we can talk with native speakers.

One day, I went to Disaster Aid Canada to volunteer. They had a project called SOAP FOR HOPE to help needy people.


If you stay in hotels, you usually use shampoo, conditioner and body soap. What do you think happens to the soap left in the bottles?

Some hotels don’t throw away that soap. Instead, they donate that soap to Disaster Aid Canada. At this location, all the soap is donated by hotels in Victoria. I think this system is amazing!! I think every hotel should do the same.

We sorted the soap and we used a syringe to fill the bottles.

Little Dress for Africa

Disaster Aid Canada Little Dress for Africa care packages

Disaster Aid Canada has some other really interesting projects. For example, “Little Dress for Africa.” For this project, they send kid’s clothes to parts of Africa that have disasters. These clothes are handmade by women in Canada. I helped to pack a lot of kid’s clothes into a bin, and also some handmade stuffed animals. They were so cute. I know some countries in Africa have need for these types of items, but I didn’t know about projects like this one. Needy families will receive clothes and stuffed animals, and it motivated me to do more volunteering.

When I was in Japan, I never did volunteer work because it is not common in Japan. I wouldn’t know about this kind of volunteer work if I hadn’t come to Victoria. I have donated money in the past, but this was the first time I took part in activities. I learned a lot about volunteering and my English ability improved. It was a really good experience for me, and I will continue to volunteer during my time in Canada.

-Miyu, level 3 English Student, Global Citizen Certificate program

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