How to Register

  1. Submit a registration form:
  2. We will send you a draft student contract, with pricing. Complete and/or adjust any information in the contract that is missing or incorrect, sign where requested, and send the contract back to us by fax or email.
  3. Send payment. To confirm your registration, a registration deposit plus a homestay placement fee (if applicable) are due when registering.

    You can pay by the following methods:

    • Visa or Mastercard (add 3% to the total fees)
    • Bank Transfer (ask us for bank details and add $30 to the total fees)
    • Edustudy's Paytostudy service (no extra fees, pay at a local bank in your country to the Edustudy account, and - Edustudy will pay Stewart College within 2 days). See our Edustudy Payment Page for details.
  4. When we have received your payment, we will send you a Letter of Acceptance and a receipt. If you need to get a Study Permit, take the Letter of Acceptance and your receipt to the nearest Canadian Embassy or Immigration Office. You must allow enough time to apply for the proper documentation. See Visa and Insurance Information for important details.
  5. IMPORTANT #1: if you are from a visa-exempt country and you do not need a study permit, you will need an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). See our Visa and Insurance Information page for details.

    IMPORTANT #2: If you plan to enter the USA, you may need to get a US visa before leaving home. See our Visa and Insurance Information page for details.

  6. If you have requested homestay placement, we will send you details for your homestay family before you arrive, and you will need to confirm that you would like to be placed with the suggested family. You will receive contact details for your host family when everything has been confirmed, so that you can email them or write to them to introduce yourself.
  7. When you have finalized your travel arrangements, send us your flight details (including dates, times and flight numbers). Make sure your final destination is Victoria, not Vancouver (unless you plan to take the bus & ferry to Victoria).

    If you have requested Airport Service, you will be met at the airport and taken to your homestay. If your flight goes to Vancouver, you can take the bus/ferry to Victoria.

Welcome to Victoria and Stewart College!

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